Congratulations to the 2020 Esri Young Scholar Award Winners!

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Jul 10, 2020

Coordinated by Esri's international distributors and Esri's international and education teams, the Esri Young Scholars Award program was launched in 2012. Winners are honored each year at the Esri User Conference. The program recognizes the exemplary work of current undergraduate and graduate students majoring in geospatial science disciplines at international universities. Winning entries are selected by a university panel formed by Esri's distributor in the recipient's respective country. Award winners typically travel to San Diego to present their work and join 20,000 GIS professionals in a week-long program of presentations, workshops, and social events,  This year, the students will be recognized virtually. This year, 27 Young Scholars were awarded from 6 continents, and their work spans covers topics ranging from traffic and safety, indoor navigation, hydrology, augmented reality, historic districts, school graduation rates, bicycling, and much more, in studies spanning local to global scales.  To accomplish their work, they performed some deeply insightful spatial analysis using Esri GIS software, incorporating existing data sets along with their own generated data, created web mapping applications, conducted a wide range of field work from water quality monitoring to interviews, used UAV and other new tools, and more. The scholars honed their communication skills by creating graphs, charts, maps, story maps, and posters, many of which are visible below.  


See for yourself! Use this story map that features the work that these fine Young Scholars have done that my colleagues here at Esri and I created.


  • Study the Young Scholar's posters and explore the methods, data, and tools that they used.
  • Show your students, colleagues, and others how GIS helps make wise decisions and build a better world.
  • Use the story map to get a sense for the diversity of scales, themes, and problems that can be addressed with GIS.
  • Use the story map as an idea of one of the story map templates (a slideshow) that you could use to highlight students, or issues, or projects in your own work. 
  • Think of the Young Scholar program and be inspired that the future of GIS is in good hands!


Selection of 2020 Esri Young Scholars and their work!

Selection of 2020 Esri Young Scholars and their work.  For more detail, see this story map.