A hands-on lesson in the new story maps tools

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Jun 24, 2019

I have created a new lesson in the exciting new story maps tools and have just updated it on 28 August 2019.  The lesson guides you through the creation of a map similar to the geomorphology field trip story map that I created and recently wrote about.  In the workshop, I made some enhancements to the original story map that use some tools that have been created since then, including the Express Map and the Sidecar.   The map you will create also includes links to videos and work with configuring layers in ArcGIS Online maps. The tools are described here.  The tools were fully released in July 2019.  The attached zip file contains the contents of the lesson in DOCX and PDF formats along with the images for the map.  These tools are rapidly evolving, so dip a toe into the waters today and get started!


I look forward to your comments.   Meanwhile, get out into the field, make maps, and do spatial analysis!


You need to get out into the field!

--Joseph Kerski