10 Things You Can Do with ArcGIS Online, Story Maps, Apps, and Spatial Analysis Workshops

Blog Post created by jkerski-esristaff Employee on Jul 26, 2017

Several new content pieces invite you to do hands-on work with Esri web GIS technology:


[1] 10 Things you can do with ArcGIS Online in education.  These include: (1) Use web mapping applications.   (2) Make your own map.  (3) Get a school, club, or university organizational account in ArcGIS Online.  (4) Use and modify existing curricular resources.  (5) Explore the Living Atlas of the World.  (6) Modify and ask questions of maps.  (7) Conduct spatial analysis on mapped data. (8)  Add multimedia to maps.  (9)  Explore your world in 3D, and (10) Map and analyze field-collected data.


[2]  Introduction and Advanced Work with Story Maps:  Slides with core content with activities.  These activities and exercises include how to build a story map from a web map, and how to build map tours, map journals, swipe, series, and other types of story maps.  This activity has been updated Fall 2019 with the new ArcGIS story maps!


[3]  Teaching with Web Apps.  Set of resources and activities.  These include examining Pacific typhoons in 3D, demographics of Zip Codes, creating viewsheds and buffers, and much more.  These apps are easy to use and yet very powerful. 


[4]  Spatial Analysis in Human Geography.   These include the 1854 cholera epidemic in London (activity), a Boulder County hazards analysis (map), and an examination of the Human Development Index around the world (map).   Focus is to highlight the powerful analytical capabilities available in ArcGIS Online. 


I created this content and keep it updated for workshops and courses that I teach, and I hope and trust that it can also be used to support your own professional development or for your own instruction.