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  I recently co-hosted a webinar with Rich Nauman and Karisa Schroeder titled "Make Useful Maps and Layers in ArcGIS".  This webinar is a part of a larger Esri Spatial Data Webinar series, it lasted just under an hour and we covered topics such as how hosted feature layers and hosted vector tile layers can be used together in a web map. … (Show more)
Click to view contentKeith VanGraafeiland co-hosted the recent Esri Spatial Data Webinar: Make Useful Maps and Layer in ArcGIS. Take a moment to review Keith's recap of the great questions that came in from our audience, available on Keith's latest blog: Make Useful Maps and Layers in ArcGIS.   Thanks for tuning in.    Next webinar is June 12: Explore Ready-to-use… (Show more)
A question about Sentinel-2 Views on the Living Atlas. I can't for the life of me work out how to filter by a specific date in ArcPro. At the moment whatever date expression I enter it seems to just return the most recent relatively non-cloudy image. Has anyone else had experience with Sentinel-2 Views?
Many of the map-image services on the living atlas have pre-defined scale limitations, which makes it very difficult to do any type of map analysis when the data doesn't show up. Is there a way around this? Are there feature services available for things like Census/ACS that I can use instead? I'm trying to do a project with ACS household income… (Show more)
Is there a public service (REST, etc.) that would allow users to programmatically query (from ArcGIS Runtime in my case) a service that would only return a list of Wayback Imagery Layers that had changes for a given extent?   I am looking for something that would allow functionality similar to the 'Only updates with local changes' checkbox found… (Show more)
Click to view contentbyDeane Kensok | This blog was originally posted on the Esri blog website   Last summer, we introduced a new OpenStreetMap Vector Basemap, initially available in beta release.  Since that time, we have made several updates to the basemap and improved the integration with ArcGIS Online.  With the March update of ArcGIS Online, the OpenStreetMap… (Show more)
I'm wondering what the status is for the OpenStreetMap vector basemap. Should I use it yet?   The announcement from July:   Over the next couple months, we’ll update the vector basemap regularly with the latest OSM data. We’ll also continue to refine our use of the OSM cartography to improve the map display and performance. Lastly, we’ll make… (Show more)
I am making a Story Map Series for a competition in my high school GIS class. I would like to have two layers, as in you select one tab and then within that tab, you can click through other maps within the tab. An example is:    Here, you can choose the… (Show more)
Click to view contentEsri vector basemaps updatedRecent updates to Esri Vector Basemaps deployed new map content from contributing cities and counties who supplied data through our Community Maps Program to enhance our maps. Contribute your organization’s local, authoritative content through this program.  Esri integrates your data with other providers and publishes… (Show more)
Click to view contentSPATIAL DATAAuthoritative Data 101: Quality Data for Quality Decision Making March 12, 2019 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. (PDT) | Cost: Free   Discover the power of authoritative spatial data. Esri provides a comprehensive content solution that is readily available, up-to-date, and fully integrated into Esri’s products and applications. This webinar… (Show more)
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