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Click to view contentNote:  This blog was originally published on the Esri Blog site.   The Esri vector basemaps were updated this week with new content from our commercial data provider and community contributions. The content below details how you can influence map content and styling. Additionally, we’re sharing details on new and expanded map features. Check in on… (Show more)
I have noticed a shift from ArcMap and ArcPro in image services.  I am using the same image layer (World Imagery Clarity) in map and digitized features in a FGD based off of the image, but when I open the digitized features in Pro with the same image (World Imagery Clarity), the image has shifted in Pro.   Has anyone else noticed this shift… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi,   I am working with a U.S. Census Tract layer. I am just wondering why there are tracts entirely within another tract when, in general, the territory is divided by partitioning the space into a number of simple rectangular regions, divided up by axis parallel (more or less) splits.      Maybe the explanation is related to the fact that the… (Show more)
Feature classes dragged from Living Atlas do not add, instead an error message returns "Failed to add data" followed by the URL. Solutions?
We use the streets basemap in our interactive maps but the streets and labels are often inaccurate so we overlay our roads layer on it but it is messy. It would be nice to have the streets basemap with no streets and just overlay our own roads centerline over that. 
Quiero hacer un mapa que muestre dos variables con symbols graduates similar al que adjunto en imagen Que metodos usan  Uno es simbolos graduates y el otro metodo. Quiero presentar population y porcentajes de bamboo.
The ArcGIS Online Create Watersheds tool, permits to extract water catchment areas for points as input layer, based on drainage lines precomputed by Esri   Are these drainage lines available in any format? I just found Esri Hydro Reference Overlay, but it's a very small scale data, and I don't think it's the data the watershed tool is based… (Show more)
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