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I have recently switched from ArcMap 10.7 to ArcGIS Pro 2.4. I use the World Hillshade service consistently and never had any issues exporting to pdf when I used ArcMap. Now, when I export a map in ArcGIS Pro 2.4 with the World Hillshade turned on, the pdf file shows the tiles. The tiles show up with an outline type of pattern or by lightening the… (Show more)
The destructive fires in the Amazon are causing global concern, and are in the news...So here's a really quick app leveraging ArcGIS Online and Living Atlas content that provides a closer look. It took about about 5 minutes to come up with this very simple app, shown below:     The Amazon Basin boundary is from WWF, as found on ArcGIS Online by… (Show more)
I am unable to enable Living Atlas Subscriber content in ArcGIS Portal ( portal 10.6.1 single box installation). When I try to enable the content at Portal-->Organization --> ArcGIS Online-->Subscriber getting the error that "The credentials you have provided are not valid or cannot be used with ArcGIS Online Living Atlas content configuration… (Show more)
Click to view contentEsri Vector Basemaps Mid-August Status The latest updates to the Esri Vector Basemaps deployed to last week. New data from our commercial provider, open sources, and community contributors provide refreshed content across all our vector styles. If you missed the announcement at this year’s User Conference, we released a new… (Show more)
Is there a public service (REST, etc.) that would allow users to programmatically query (from ArcGIS Runtime in my case) a service that would only return a list of Wayback Imagery Layers that had changes for a given extent?   I am looking for something that would allow functionality similar to the 'Only updates with local changes' checkbox found… (Show more)
Hi, I notice that the World Administrative Divisions dataset does not include Halabja Governorate, a province in Iraqi Kurdistan that was established in 2014. Would ESRI be able to consider including this in a future release? Many thanks, Tom
Is it possible to change your ArcGIS Online username to your organisation name when you're sharing data to the Living Atlas? For example, it current shows the owner of the data as "RTanneka", but I would like it to show up as "The Rivers Trust"
Until 2019-7-1, I could use ArcGIS to produce trail reports.  First, I would put my updates onto OSM with the Java OSM editor, then I would produce an annotated map with GIS showing location numbers where pictures were taken.  The OSM basemap now available with ArcGIS is not the live version available at .
I am wondering how you identify how many credits are consumed when utilizing premium layers? I have looked all over and cannot find any information details what credit usage is. How is this calculated? Does all premium content have a flat rate or does it depend on the item you are using? Is the pricing the same or different when authorizing it… (Show more)
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