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I have recently switched from ArcMap 10.7 to ArcGIS Pro 2.4. I use the World Hillshade service consistently and never had any issues exporting to pdf when I used ArcMap. Now, when I export a map in ArcGIS Pro 2.4 with the World Hillshade turned on, the pdf file shows the tiles. The tiles show up with an outline type of pattern or by lightening the… (Show more)
Living Atlas team,   We are using the JHU's feature layers to feed our COVID web map. Could you please enable time settings? We want to test a time animation or a time slider (widget). Also, we are interested in using a field of "Active Cases" as an indicator or list. Is there any reason why "active" stats are not available in the attribute… (Show more)
Do you want basic information on population and housing in your community? Do you work in childhood development, youth outreach, senior advocacy, or emergency preparedness and response? ArcGIS Living Atlas has ready-to-use feature layers designed specifically for you!    Last December, we updated 78 Living Atlas layers containing ACS data within… (Show more)
Johns Hopkins University's well-known Coronavirus dashboard had automation support from the Esri Living Atlas team, according to its description. I am interested in knowing what did the team do in regard to that? Since it is not a hosted feature layer and they have switched storing the data from Google Sheets to GitHub, how can a feature layer… (Show more)
Click to view contentThis was originally posted to the Esri blog website.   The latest updates to the Esri Vector Basemaps deployed to late last week. New data from our commercial provider HERE, open sources, and community contributors provide refreshed content across all our vector styles. See the Living Atlas of the World for our variety of vector basemap… (Show more)
At certain zoom levels, notably zoom levels 6-7, there are not enough place labels in the OSM vector tiles. I understand the style is meant to replicate the map at, but I would expect the tiles themselves to contain more information. For example, Grand Junction is the only place label in Colorado west of Denver at zoom level 7… (Show more)
What is the date range for the current ACS data in Living Atlas? This information should be available in the data description within Living Atlas in ArcGIS Pro Catalog. ESRI presses us to create metadata but they never have it available for the data they provide. I want to ensure I'm transparent about the data I'm using.
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