ModelB: Variable Expression Lists

Discussion created by NDC on Oct 11, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2011 by NDC
Afternoon all,

Having an issue trying to clean up a model.  Instead of having the multiple select by attribute and calculate field boxes, I'd like to simplify it down.

I tried setting each of those commands to a variable by expression>lists but when I enter the calculator there are no attributes listed. 

If I run it without the expression bubble it runs fine but it is large and clunky.  (I've only included a piece of the model).

I understand the variable by expression and then set up as a list should work for me but there are no attributes to select from both in the field through the SQL builder (through the expression bubble) or when I double click on each command and the table comes up.  Does anyone have any advice?

**EDIT: Disregard the precondition connections.