custom .Net geoprocessing tool output is not chaining in modelbuilder

Discussion created by BNadler-esristaff Employee on Sep 2, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by nahmed-esristaff
I have a "simple" custom .net geoprocessing tool that accepts a polygon feature class as an input and modifies the feature geometry.  I am shooting for something like the "repair geometry" tool that makes edits to the input FC

The tool executes when run independently. When added to model builder, the output from this tool validates but is not a valid input for other tools when chained together

This is my first attempt at Building geoprocessing tool in .NET, so pretty much any help is appreciated
I used the calculate area and convexHull GPtool examples as a starting point

I am not sure where the error is with the parameter definition or in the execute sub not returning something

Any help is appreciated, complete Code is attached..