How do you remove offline maps in Collector after a synch is 100% complete?

Discussion created by nickharvey on Jun 2, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2018 by candiceyw

Hi All - So far I have everything working in terms of an edit process & synch offline with Collector using our own Server-based feature service....But after I synch the edits (push them from the Collector app to the the enterprise db) I haven't found a way to delete the offline version of the map that exists on my Collector app (exists on AGOL by the same name) WITHOUT deleting Collector (effectively clearing all the data associated with Collector on my iPAD).  Must be missing something simple, or haven't found the right help doc yet....I must delete and replace the offline version of the map because it only contains a single-point-in-time geographic extent that I needed (neighborhood level) which is progeny of the AGOL map.....Puzzled...Sorry if this isn't clear...