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File size limit for offline tile packages?

Question asked by mmacander on Apr 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2019 by lriddle8
We made a 3.3 GB tile package and side-loaded it into the ArcGIS Collector folder on an Android device. Went to downloaded a Collector map for offline use map and the 3.3 GB tile package is listed as an available basemap. I do notice that Collector thinks it is "< 5MB"!

The download process hung up even though there was hardly any feature data to download. Eventually it did complete on a second attempt and I could see the map but could not save any data to the device.

I purged the big tile package and tried again with a smaller one that was one level coarser (900 MB). Collector recognized the file size correctly, the download went smoothly, and I can save offline data anywhere within the extent of the tile package and sync it up later.

Are we running into an undocumented file size limit on tile packages? There's plenty of room on the device.