2-way sync not working, latest iOS version

06-13-2019 08:23 AM
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ArcGIS Enterprise 10.7, PostGreSQL 9.6, ESRI ST_Geometry spatial type, Archiving enabled.

I set a definition query on a feature layer, "defquery IS NULL", then published the feature service with sync enabled. In Pro, webmap and Collector, newly created features are shown since "defquery" field is null by default.

On the webmap I checked the settings to make sure "Device will download and get updates to features and attachments." is selected.

In ArcGIS Pro, If I calculate the defquery field to be "hide", i.e. it's no longer NULL, then it is hidden from the map in ArcGIS Pro like you would expect. Same with the webmap, it's also hidden in the feature service. BUT, in Collector, after a sync the feature remains, it is not removed from the map.

Is this expected behavior? This used to work in Collector classic, wondering if something changed. It's nice to show/hide features via a definition query on the feature service so field workers aren't continually re-downloading the offline map. With the current iOS Collector version, the only way to "hide" those features is to re-download the map.


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