How to iterate raster calculation from one raster in model builder

Discussion created by lere0011 on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2014 by lere0011
I have a DEM that i want to split in to many thresholded rasters. I would like to have one raster for every 0,5 m with the condition "true = above n meter" and "false = below n meter". To do this with the raster calculator is easy and can be done for example with this expression: "DEM > n meter". This will give me a raster where all values above n meter is 1 and all value below is 0.

My quistions is: How and wich iterator can I use in model builder to get rasters for every halv a meter of the DEM.

I'm new to the iterator and have not got fully understood the tool so if you have a answer, imagine explaining this to 4 year old :)

Thanks in advance, Leo