ArcGis10 crashes when I run the Join Field tool in Model Builder

12-12-2012 06:41 AM
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Hello everyone,

I am trying to run the Join Field tool in Arc Gis 10 but when ~12% of the work is completed the program closes without reporting any
error. I have run the model before many times with other datasets and it did not present any error, now it seems impossible, I have been trying already for days. I have checked the characters in the name of the file and everything seems correct. I have also looked for space or wrong characters and do not find any source of problem. Does anyone has an idea of what could be causing the problem? what can be wrong in my file?

Thanks for your help.
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Did you ever get an answer for this? we are running 10.1 and are having the same issue, we have tracked it down, we think, to either the raster file having an ige OR the dbf we are joining containing an attribute field with "class" in the "name".
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