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JTXDesktopSteps.LaunchArcMap with no data workspace and version?

Question asked by agaiser on Oct 15, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2012 by agaiser
Just reading the documentation and noticed something about the options to use the JTXDesktopSteps.LaunchArcMap

Job type map document defined?
Launch ArcMap with data workspace and version
Launch ArcMap with data workspace and no version
Launch ArcMap with no data workspace

ArcMap is launched using the map document defined. Layers are resourced to the job's version based on the Feature Class's short name.* The map is zoomed to the Area of Interest.
This works the same as the scenario when a version exists, except the default version for the data workspace is used for the resourcing of layers.
No changes are made to the layer sources. The map is zoomed to AOI.

The above was taken from the help at Can anyone explain how or if I launch ArcMap, connect to a version, but not change the layer sources. My data is in SDE, and the layer source keeps being reset to my PC.