Setting a model to input only 3 values

Discussion created by nevau on Sep 5, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by nevau
This is probably a basic question but I tried to google it and got a bit confused with iterations and such..I don't think I need those.

I'm creating my first model really, all it needs to do is a bunch of queries and spatial joins. The tutorial model I created though pulled everything from arctoolbox. So how would I do queries and joins using modelbuilder? well, so far I'm using select - as my first query. I have set it to the layer in question but currently its output is a selection for a certain distance (5km). I want it to also select 10km and 5km (not at the same time). So I create my whole model for 5km. Then I want to run it again with 10km. Is there an easier way to doing this then editting the select tool each time?