Combine multiple Features in Geometric Network between Junction subtype

Discussion created by tkiehle on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2011 by tkiehle
I'm looking to combine water "pipe segment"s into larger line segments that I'm calling water "pipe"s. 

I have a geometric network for our water system based on the ESRI Water Utilities data model.  The water "pipe segment"s I refer to above are the individual features that make up our wPressurizedMain feature class.  I have a wFitting feature class that contains points that connect the end of one "pipe" to an intersecting "pipe".  These "pipe"s contain one or more smaller "pipe segment"s.  The "pipe segment"s connect to each other at a valve or hydrant, but not at wFitting points.

Is there an existing tool or a simple a way that I can combine the "pipe segment"s into "pipe"s?  Each "pipe" would begin and end at a wFitting feature.