Model Builder -Connecting the outputs (rasters) of several models

11-10-2011 03:51 PM
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Hi all,

I am processing Modis LST (land surface temperature) rasters using Model Builder.
I have a model (#1) to prep the LST layers (get rid of background values etc), another (#2) to prep the quality control layers, another (#3) to constraint capture time etc.
So, what I want to do is multiply the output of model 1 -LST- by the outputs of model 2-QC- (to get only good QC LST), then multiply these results by the outputs of model 3 -capture time- (to have good quality LST at the right capture time).
How can I do that, since there can be only one iterator per model? It doesn't seem that nesting sub-models would help

More specifically, I want to multiply the LST raster of a given day (say, day 150) with the corresponding QC raster (QC for the day 150), and ultimately with the capture times of the day 150. I don't want to loop through all the rasters. Is there a way to do this in Model builder without Python? If not, how do I do this? With If/then/else maybe?
I could use Times batch (outside of model builder), but it would take ages

Thank you
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Any ideas anyone?
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