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Add loading icon to custom widget (like url) in panel

Question asked by levmichael on Jul 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2020 by levmichael

I need to add loading icon (gif) to an in-panel Web Appbuilder custom widget, which like "Url Link Button" widget, does not have an explicit html file.

I saw a solution by Robert Scheitlin in this blog in url  

Add loading icon to url button custom widget 

I tried, but it turns that esri/dijit/util/busyIndicator is not available anymore in javascript API 4.15 ...


I saw a 2nd approach by Robert Scheitlin in this blog in url  

Show loading message while the widget is doing operations 

but it does not operate for me either. no errors, but does not work...


perhaps I am missing something...

I'm attaching zip of my widget.js

Help will be greatly appreciated, since I'm new to the subject and got stucked.


2nd question - when I upload a big file to Amazon (e.g. 45 mb), it fails. Maybe it is because the code

setTimeout(lang.hitch(this, function () {
this.isOpening = false;
}), 300);


which I copied but indeed I don't understand it enough. An explanation will be appreciated, even if it has nothing to do with the failure to upload.