Error linking HUB site to custom domain

Discussion created by okiley on Jun 11, 2020
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We've purchased a custom domain name for a ArcGIS HUB page we are building, and are having trouble getting it to link.  When we browse to the custom domain, it looks like it's connecting to ESRI's server (shows the square "loading" icon) but then we get a 404 error.


We've tried to follow the instructions listed below to the letter - but I'm thinking perhaps some steps are missing?


Configure site settings—ArcGIS Hub | Documentation 


What we've done:


(1) Acquired our new domain:    www.OURDOMAIN.org

(2) Added hub.arcgis.com as a CNAME to www.OURDOMAIN.org

(3) Configured the DNS to redirect to www.OURDOMAIN.org

(4) Added www.OURDOMAIN.org to the ArcGIS hub website under custom domain (which was validated correctly)


The HUB-based web address is as follows:   SiteName-OrgName.hub.arcgis.com


Does the CNAME need to be something more specific (e.g. sitename-orgname.hub.arcgis.com) or is just hub.arcgis.com correct to use as a CNAME?


Anyone else having similar issues?


Thank you