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More information tab reappearing in Embedded apps

07-26-2023 12:25 AM
Occasional Contributor III

Hi there,

I haven't signed into my Hub site in a while, but noticed today that the more info panel/sidebar has reappeared. I have multiple cards on the homepage that you can click on and then that opens an individual experience builder in a new tab. I thought I had disabled the metadata/ grey info box as I haven't seen it for a while, but possibly something happened since the latest update?

I did try in the settings to toggle off embedded app. It removes the metadata/grey box, but it also removes the header/banner which I want to keep. I want the user to feel like they are still in the same website/hub.

I've put screenshots below of what I mean. If possible I would not like the grey box or any of the metadata accessible. The users want/need a simple interface. They get easily distracted and don't need to know the metadata details. Not to sound grouchy, but just wanted to provide a little context as to why I think it shouldn't be there.

Thanks in advance for your help.






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Occasional Contributor III

Also, haven't tested it out as a non-Administrator licence so maybe only I see the more info/metadata?

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