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Explorer for ArcGIS Error - User Cancelled Authentication Challenge

Question asked by ryanuthoff on Mar 4, 2020
Latest reply on May 26, 2020 by ryanuthoff

I am suddenly getting error messages when trying to open maps from ArcGIS Enterprise in Explorer for ArcGIS  on Android and Collector for ArcGIS on iOS. When I open a map, then click the layers button, I get an error message under all of my layer names stating "User cancelled authentication challenge."


It worked perfectly fine yesterday, but it no longer works today. We did not make any changes to our internal network, so I don't know why it's giving me an error message now.


I will add that the web map works perfectly fine when accessing it through Portal (and when using the same account for both Portal and Explorer).


We are able to successfully sign in to Explorer, and it never asks for any additional credentials, so why would it say the user cancelled the authentication challenge when it never even asked me?