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Register View with Geodatabase - Not Null Constraint

Question asked by crombezk on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by ekv5_cdc

I have created a spatial view in SQL Server that has a not null constraint on a primary key field.

When I try to register this view with the geodatabase I receive an error code 999999.

Error message: The column must not have a NOT NULL constraint.


I cannot find this restriction in any of the ESRI documentation.

Since a field can be set to NOT NULL in SDE I don't understand why is error occurs?


Is this a bug?

If not can someone point me to any documentation that discusses this?


SQL Server 2014 (SP3) on Windows Server 2012

ArcDesktop 10.7.1 on Windows 10 (64 bit)