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Invalid object name 'db.schema.SDE_logfiles'.

09-25-2019 02:14 PM
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I set up an extended event session to capture errors while testing a new version of our application and I'm gettting thousands (hundreds of thousands) of errors like "Invalid object name 'db.schema.SDE_logfiles'."  Our dbtune table for the DB in question has the logfile_defaults session_temp_table set to 1 which from my understanding should be directing the GDB to create sde_logfiles in tempdb.  My question is, why is ArcGIS still looking for the logfile table under the users schema and how can I go about resolving this?  I've attached an image of all of our Logfile_Default config.



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Now it is 2022, is there any information related to this issue?

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The ArcGIS application still checks into the connected user schema for the sde log files tables because of compatibility with older versions of the Geodatabase that do not use the tempdb to store the sde log file tables, this is an intended behavior as designed, perhaps in a distant future this behavior in the ArcGIS application might change, but currently it is required for compatibility with old geodatabase versions.

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