Map Image Layer Pop Up's

Discussion created by SGeary_OrdnanceSurvey on Jan 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by jschuckert_InterwestGIS

I have pop ups configured for a service in pro where a few of the fields have domains applied (Highlighted in blue).  

The resulting service feature layer pop up displays as expected with the domain descriptions (Portal 10.7.1).

But the Map Image Layer pop up displays the coded values.

Because of layer grouping & speed of the service we want to continue using the Map Image Layer rather than the feature layers but need users to see the descriptions not coded values. 


Is this expected behaviour & is there any way to configure the pop ups to show the descriptions?


I have considered having look up tables in the db & making the service source a query, but this would be quite a bit of rework.