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Remove text from a string using python or arcade

Question asked by Srr2013 on Jul 22, 2019
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I need some help with a field calculator expression, using python or arcade, in ArcGIS Pro

I have an address field that has full address, with street number and name, I want to remove the number and retain only the street name, since the number of digits in the address could vary so I want to remove everything that comes before the space, so first word or an element. I am trying to do this using field calculator in ArcGIS Pro, so either Python 3 or Arcade.


For example :

3405 S 51st St


would result in

S 51st St


I tried this


!ADDRESS!.split(" ")[1:] , it did not work.


I looked at this

 but couldn't figure out how to do this with arcade.


If I can get some help with correct syntax for python or an arcade expression would be great.