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Remove text in parenthesis with Arcade

Question asked by nycoem_jhickey on May 1, 2019
Latest reply on May 3, 2019 by nycoem_jhickey

I have a python script to remove the text in parentheses for labeling, and I cannot figure out how to convert it to work with Arcade. (I did not write this script, but I am trying to get the same results in AGOL.

The Python script is: def FindLabel ( [label] ):
  S =[label].strip()
  i = S.find('(')
  if i == -1:
    return S.replace('::','\n')
  elif i > 0:
    return S[0:i]


I know that Arcade does not have a strip function, so I was trying trim, and instead of the newline function, I was just typing a space.

Example:  '82 (Globe)'  needs to be '82'

Thank you in advance.