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Remove Map Area Option Missing in Collector

Question asked by on Mar 20, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2019 by natekielb5



This morning the field crews are reporting they can no longer download offline areas for Collector. I am receiving the same error ("Failed to Download Offline Area") from my test iOS devices (iPads/iPhone) as well. I have verified the maps are correctly configured for offline use. The map does not have pre-defined map areas, which allow the collectors to pick and choose the area they need to collect. This has been the standard workflow for this deployment as we have crews cycling through the project. This is a two month old field deployment, and we have had no issues until today.


I have also noticed the option for removing Map Areas is now missing from the overflow menu. So with each new attempt to create an offline area, the "Area #" increases, but after the map fails to download, there is no way to remove the failed map. For example, I am prompted to "Add Offline Area" and it indicated this will be "Area 6". But I can not remove Area 1-5. 


Any help would be appreciated.