Non-federated Feature Service, New Collector

03-19-2019 12:58 PM
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New ArcGIS Collector, version 19.0.1.

ArcGIS server 10.6 without Portal, items are published to server, then manually added as items in AGOL. ArcGIS server credentials are stored with the item when added to AGOL. The ArcGIS server user store is AD. 

Does the new Collector version support editing non-federated feature services like the above? We're seeing a red ! mark when attempting to download the webmap in Collector, it says "share error". 

When we login to the latest version of Collector classic, the webmap downloads successfully. 


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To my knowledge you should be able to use a non-federated feature service in Collector for ArcGIS 19.1.0. Would you be able to provide a screen shot of the error message?

What are the web map and feature service sharing settings in ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Server? 

I recommend ensuring the web map and feature service sharing settings are the same in ArcGIS Online. If possible you may want to tested with an unsecured service to see if you get the same error message. 

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