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Share widget bug

Question asked by kmsagis Champion on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 9, 2019 by kmsagis

When going to the Link Options, then Query ...    Not all record values for a Field come up. For example some PINs are missing when I search the Property parcel boundary layer 124 for the PIN field, some are missing. I see it in Address as well. It seems with many records, it does not add all of them to the drop down menu.


I also propose Esri allows users to type in a value, instead of select from the menu. Users may not realize they can type to move the menu, and also you have to type very fast or it will mess up. In other words for more than 10 records or so, users should be able to type in to a box the value to search. It should use auto-complete suggestion for matches.  So, have both a menu, AND a value type-in box. 


I called Support and we observed it on both the latest hosted app (test site:   ArcGIS Web Application ) and WAB DE 2.9 / API 3.27 on my production site, where PINs and Addresses were missing more often than not in the dropdown menu. Anyone else seeing this, for layers with a lot of records? They were able to reproduce it.  BUG-000120076 

This is a fantastic and powerful widget the public will really be able to leverage once we can get the menu working and a type in box. Definitely great design went into it, it's an awesome widget.