How to put a title tag on the popup?

08-08-2019 08:10 AM
by Anonymous User
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Greetings once more Jianxia Song‌!  Is there a simple way to add an HTML attribute to the popup titlebar?  I want it to say "Drag the titlebar to move this popup box" or similar, in the tooltip when hovered over.  For now, as you can see on my site SAGIS Property Map Viewer  I made the actual title of the popup say this. However that looks kinda bad because for example it shows as the title in my Screening and Query widget results etc.  I looked in the HTML in F12 and couldn't figure out where to stick this HTML attribute! Because it gets generated on the fly. Can you offer any guidance on how to put that title= tag in for my popup titlebar?  Thank you!  

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