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ArcPro is returning the incorrect sum of values in a attribute table field

Question asked by SNCAdmin on Feb 6, 2019
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Below is a screen shot of exactly the same raster in ArcPro(left), the table records pasted from ArcPro to Excel (center) and ArcMap 10.5.1 (right). In all 3 I have chosen the [Count] field and have summed the values. Arc Pro returns 715,855,472,492,250 cells. Excel sums the same values from the same records (copied and pasted from Pro to Excel) at 142,628,556. ArcMap 10.5.1 also returns 142,628,556 from exactly the same data set that ArcPro is displaying. The values ArcPro is showing in the table are not the values being summed by the chart tool.  


I have exited the project multiple times and have rebuilt the raster attribute table, restarted the computer and any thing else I can think of to clear any ArcPro application cache. But the result is the same. And note all 3 pieces of software are looking at the SAME table records. But even the Histogram looks different.


This is a data set that I clipped from another larger raster data set in ArcPro. So the most logical explanation is that ArcPro is not referencing the actual attribute table it is displaying for the sum of the values but a cache of the original raster's attribute table(?) Though summing that original raster attribute table's count field gives a completely different answer as well.


This is a very basic operation how can it be off by a factor of 5 million? 


arcpro unintended behavior in arcpro 2.2 arcpro compared to arcmap arcprolossoftrust


This is in ArcPro 2.2.4 I am unable to update and test the newer version until our IT Admin returns.