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Use constraint on location to prevent default loc from being accepted?

Question asked by christac on Feb 4, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2019 by christac

I have several Survey123 webforms where the default location (under Detailed Map > Home Location in Connect) is set to be the center of Washington state. However, this is really just to center the map on the state to visually indicate to the user that they can specify a location anywhere in the state. Especially in cases where the user submits a wildlife observation back at home on their PC (instead of at the time of obs on their phone), some users have not been entering in the actual observation location and instead just skip to the next question before submitting their report. This geopoint field is required but since there is a default location the form accepts their non-answer. I was wondering if it was possible to set a constraint to prevent this? For example change the default to unrealistically precise (e.g. DD to 7 digits to right of decimal) and then use constraint field to not allow this location. If so, how would this formula look in the constraints field for the geopoint? 


BTW: I know constraints aren't currently working correctly in webforms (or rather the message around constraints) but it sounds like this initial problem will be resolved with next version at the end of February. (Constraint message in Web Form persists during correct answer)