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Constraint message in Web Form persists during correct answer

Question asked by NDierks@BoxElder on Nov 5, 2018
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2020 by christac

In a survey published as a web form, I've noticed that constraint messages for certain questions will always display, regardless of the user input provided. This applies to custom constraint messages as well as the the default "It's an invalid answer" (when the constraint_message column is left blank). The constraint itself is triggered appropriately, turning red only when an incorrect input is provided, but the message displays the entire time (even before an input is provided), no matter what.


So far, I've seen this happen with text, integer, and date fields, but not yet a select_one. This occurs in both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. I don't recall this happening before version 3.1, but I didn't do enough web form testing to be certain.


The fact that this behaviour is only within the web form, and even then is inconsistently applied to different question types, leads me to believe this is a bug, but I wanted to check here to make sure it's not just me. Is anyone else experiencing this? And if so, can anyone who hasn't upgraded to 3.1 test this?