Publishing Error: the index service seems to be unavaliable.

01-29-2020 08:19 PM
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EDIT: Seems to have resolved itself, as this morning it's working. I'm thinking maybe it was something on admin side of my organization? 

Full error information: "Error Code 500. Error: The index service seems to be unavaliable. Please check the index service."


I'm trying to republish one of my existing surveys but the process is hanging. No major changes have been made to the survey. The error message above was pulled from the log file. Anyone else ran into this and have some pointers for finding a solution? 

I've had my surveys hang before on republishing attempts, but in those cases it was either a moved folder directory in AGOL, or I had added a question to a repeat where the fields didn't exist in the feature service on AGOL. I was able to eventually resolve both of those issues. This is a new one for me though.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Hi Dusty,

Apologies for the delay in response.  If you review ArcGIS Online Health Dashboard , you will note there were some disruptions with the Feature Services capability on Jan 28 - perhaps this caused the issue (you may have been affected if your organization's feature layers are on

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Hi James,

Also sorry for the late reply. I was able to republish after attempting at a later time, so I eventually realized it was likely a temporary issue with the service. I haven't ran into the issue since, so it seems all is well. 

Thank you for responding on this!


P.S. I also just want to say thank you (and others on the Survey123 team) for being so active here in this community. As someone who only recently started using Survey123, I've learned an incredible amount here on these forums in a short time. I'm continually impressed by how powerful Survey123 is, yet also easy to learn. 

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