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Using UpdateCursor to add content of pandas DataFrame to feature class attribute table

Question asked by paulfmccord on Nov 27, 2018
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2018 by Dan_Patterson

I'm creating a script tool where the user is able to map the trade of commodities from an exporting country to a set of importing countries. In the script, a Feature Class is created representing the latitude and longitude of the captial of the exporting country and the latitude and longitude of the capitals of the importing countries. A line is then drawn between these sets of points to indicate the flow of the commodity.


The commodity data used in the script tool were downloaded as a csv file and then converted to a pandas DataFrame. The individual using the tool is able to specify parameters to subset the pandas DataFrame. For example, a user could specify that they're interested in the trade of Coffee from Burundi for the years 2010 and 2011. The tool will then display the flow of coffee to Burundi's trade partners for the years 2010 and 2011. In subsetting the DataFrame, the only information left in the DataFrame is that which is needed to map the flows between trade partners.


Unfortunately, I'm running into trouble when I attempt to add the content of the pandas DataFrame to the Feature Class. When the Feature Class is created it simply represents the connections between exporting and importing countries (the attribute table of the Feature Class at this stage is shown in the attached image CommodityFlows1). I then add columns for the data that I intend to bring in from the pandas DataFrame (the attribute table after these columns are added are shown in CommodityFlows2). I then attempt to use UpdateCursor to add the information from the pandas DataFrame to the Feature Class' attribute table. However, when I do this, I receive the error: "An error occurred: 0".


I've isolated the problem to this part of my code:

#add year, value, commodity name, origin, and destination information
j = 0
with arcpy.da.UpdateCursor(fc, ("Year", "Value", "Commodity", "Origin", "Dest")) as cursor:
     for ROW in cursor:
          ROW[0] = df_trade["year"][j]
          ROW[1] = df_trade["export_val"][j]
          ROW[2] = df_trade["comm_name"][j]
          ROW[3] = df_trade["country_origin"][j]
          ROW[4] = df_trade["country_dest"][j]
          j += 1


What I'm doing in the above snippet is updating the attribute table shown in CommodityFlows2 using UpdateCursor. I'm going line-by-line in the Feature Class and adding the value from the pandas DataFrame (df_trade) and adding the value for each row for the particular variable of interest. I'm iterating row-by-row in the pandas DataFrame using j += 1.


What is confusing to me is that my entire script runs just fine if I use IDLE (in other words, my Feature Class is created, the flows of commodities are drawn, and the information in the pandas DataFrame is added to the Feature Class). Am I somehow using the UpdateCursor incorrectly in the ArcGIS environment?