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04-17-2020 12:58 PM
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I have a python script that does some geoprocesses on a few layers in 2 different dataframes and then exports the layout to a PDF in a loop. When the file exports in the script to a PDF, only the features on one map appear. The other only has a basemap. It exports fine wen I export it individually, but not in a loop. I've tried exporting as a PDF, TIFF, and JPEG with no luck. I don't think it's resolution because the basemap shows up, but it could be. Any suggestions? Thanks! 

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if it's a wms basemap, they can export at different scales from what you see on the layout, sometimes not at all, maybe its that. I've not seen any great ways around it other than using a raster, I guess you could try to match the cached scales to see if it then displays.