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Correlation between rainfall and temperature anomaly in Python

Question asked by bennyistanto on Nov 1, 2018
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Dear Xander Bakker and Dan Patterson thank you for the awesome discussion.


I have different case. Let say I have raster timeseries for monthly rainfall anomaly data from 1981-2017 for 1 province. And then I have sea surface temperature anomaly data for the same periods and from 1 location only (text data).


I want to see the correlation between both data (rainfall and temperature anomaly) for each pixel in raster data. Is it possible to do this using above script? I want to have sets of raster (slope, intercept, r value, p value and std error) as an output.


From this output I hope I can see if the temperature increase in the Pacific, which area will experience more/less rainfall.


Thanks, Benny