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Trend Analysis Through Time Series of Raster Data

Question asked by india123 on Jul 27, 2017
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Hi All, 

I have total 13 raster files for different years (2001 - 2013). All data are in tiff format and same spatial extent (row and column). I am trying to perform regression line slope/trend analysis between each grid points for 13 raster data sets. I have tried in ArcGIS raster calculator but I won't run the task due to complexity. 


The outcome would measure the net change between pixels through my time series data. 


So my question is, can it be performed using raster calculator or ArcPy Script?  For such type of statistical analysis using ArcGIS, really I am facing one of the big limitation with ArcGIS. 


Using excel, it can be calculated using SLOPE command where X (Time) and Y (value) has been used. But for creating a Spatial map of Slope/trend analysis, we need to perform using raster data.   


The download link is given below for Sample data sets (Due to size limit, I could not attach the data with here )


Data Link: Dropbox - 


Please share your experience. 


Thanks in advance.