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Cannot register folder

Question asked by MollyKFoley on Nov 1, 2018
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Using AGS 10.6


I've read a lot of GeoNet posts on this but I'm still running into issues. I'm sure it has something to do with permissions but I'm using the same domain account for ArcGIS Server Account and an administrator with full control on my publishing machine.


First, the publishing machine and the server machine are not the same machine. Publishing machine is the regular old computer where I publish services through ArcGIS Desktop. AGS is on a server I connect to remotely. I have successfully registered SDE geodatabases with database authentication with the server so I'm not sure if firewalls are a problem? 


After running lusrmgr.msc on my publishing machine, I can see my domain user in the Administrator group. 


I am trying to access folders in the D: drive, so I check that the administrator group has full control there. Note I have also checked that the administrator group also has full control over the exact folder I want to register; it does.


The ArcGIS Server Account has been configured with the same domain. I am logged into the server machine as this user also:


This is how I'm trying to register the folder from Desktop:


I do not have a D: drive on the server machine, could that be the issue? I only have a C: drive. Do I need to use a UNC path (if so, do you have an example of what it would be? I've never used one before)?


Error I get: