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Oracle Proxy connection using OS Authentication

Question asked by GetsTheGIST on Sep 21, 2018
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Has anyone made a proxy user connection (Connect As) to a Enterprise Geodatabase on Oracle  (11, 12,or 18) using OS Authentication through the Database Connection wizard in ArcCatalog? Alternatively, has anyone made a proxy connection to an Oracle database (11, 12,or 18) using OS Authentication through ArcPy? If yes, please provide with syntax or method to reveal functionality in the Database Connection GUI.


I have had no luck finding guidance on this and I am using ArcGIS Desktop 10.1-10.5.1 on windows platform using a direct connection to an Oracle housed SDE Database at the 10.4.1 geodatabase level. For instance I can create a Proxy connection to the SDE user as another user called User1. This can be achieved using the Database Authentication > User Name: User1[sde]

I am specifically looking to connect using "Authentication Type: Operating system authentication" which automatically locks the User name/Password text boxes. 


This older technical article describes the need but not the procedure to combine proxy authentication and OS Authentication: How To: Use Oracle proxy authentication with ArcGIS