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Replication from Traditional versioned DB to Branch versioned DB?

09-11-2018 03:18 PM
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Hi Everyone,

Has anyone played around with the idea of replicating between a Traditionally versioned geodatabase and a new Branch versioned geodatabase? 

We are currently very interested in moving the majority of our enterprise geodatabases into a branch versioned model, however because branch versioning cannot be used in conjunction with collector offline, we have to keep some databases as traditional versioned. 

We are considering starting with one branch versioned child that I can hopefully at least replicate some simple data to. Still up in the air whether we make this a check out replica, one-way replica or otherwise. 


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Are you trying to apply this workflow in the Pro environment?  If so, it does not appear that replication is supported in Pro and from the below thread reference it does not look like replication, as it currently exists in ArcMap, will be replaced in Pro: 

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