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I am trying to display a Tile layer using 4.8 API.

Question asked by muralidharmoka on Aug 14, 2018
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Hi ,

 We were exploring 4.8 API. As a test. I created the following code which works with an ArcGIS online rest service(layer2) but does not work with Tile Layer (layer1).


I am uploading the code. The code contains layer1 and layer2. layer2 is for test which is an arcgis online layer. This layer is fine. When I try do display layer2 (which is our rest service) it does not display it.


on debugging in chrome I found the error which says (failed to load).


What I observe after click on the link below on error. I find the request goes like https.

I dont know understand why the request is going on https when my url starts with http.


The urls starting with https does not work in our environment. How do I make them send request like http.





error.png //contains the error, debug on chrome.

Test Map.html // code which I am trying to display our layer.