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Duplicate related data records in popup

Question asked by gavinr@helixwater on Mar 21, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2019 by kattamuriv

I published a map image layer of our water main pipelines which has two many-to-one relationship classes to a table of project numbers that has as-built drawings as attachments. The primary key for both relationships is a project number field in the project table, and the foreign keys are project number and abandonment project number fields in the water main feature class. In both ArcPro and the web map on our Portal, I can see both relationships and navigate successfully to the corresponding records. However when I view the popup in web appbuilder, it shows two links but they are duplicates of the project number relationship.



If you click either of the Main - Project table links it takes you to only 7159. Another map image layer of laterals correctly displays two separate relationships to project and backflow tables. Is anyone else have issues with multiple relationships to the same table not displaying correctly in web appbuilder?