Adding Images/Attachments to Survey in INBOX

Discussion created by cory.lyle on Mar 8, 2018
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Anyone have experience with adding photos to an existing survey through the Inbox? Or potential workaround?  We have office technicians that will be adding points to our feature layer (in portal), the field crew/inspectors will then navigate to these points, open the survey through the Inbox, and complete the survey including taking photos of the location.  


We would like the photos to be accessible through the web map in portal, which is why we chose to use multiple image questions instead of using repeats.  I read that you could possibly edit the source code for Survey123 through AppStudio, unfortunately I am not that familiar with coding and couldn't find any documentation.


I would greatly appreciate any recommendations!


Already read through the 2.4 "talk like a pirate release" blog post and saw this...but wanted to see if the community had anything new.

"As of this release, the Inbox lacks support for downloading attachments. That is, you can use the Inbox against a survey that includes attachments, but  the Inbox will not populate  signatures, annotated images, audio or image questions.  All these types of questions will appear empty, as if they had no data. As for the rest of questions, you will be able to download  data for them and update  them as well.


Also, to play on the safe side, when you edit surveys from your Inbox we will disable editing on these types of questions. This means that if you open a survey from your Inbox  to make edits to it, all questions of type image (photos, signature, annotate, draw) as well as audio questions will appear not only empty, but also disabled. This is to avoid people from accidentally attempting to change data  in them."