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Compare two tables field values using wildcard

Question asked by proxmo on Jan 12, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2018 by xander_bakker

Hello, I'm currently working with one feature class table containing 400 000 objects and one database table containing 700 objects.  I'm currently working in ArcMap 10.4 and using a Geodatabase with Python 2.7. What I'm trying to do is match the database table containing 700 objects against the FC. What I want is to match them, treating all 700 objects as wildcars %700 ojects%, and match those towards the FC that contains text from the table.  I have 2 tables with 1 column in each that im trying to match. I have not yet found a good way to treat all rows in a column as wildcard to search against another column. 


This is my code so far. This only will print out what the database table values. Next i wanted to get the FC values and compare them. I've read about maybe using a dictionary to make it easier to extract values but I've yet to figure out how.


import arcpy, unicodedata, datetime, openpyxl 
arcpy.env.workspace =r"C:\Users\kaaper\Documents\DataDrivenPages\DataDrivenPages.gdb"

def rows_as_dicts(cursor):
    colnames = cursor.fields
    for row in cursor:
        yield dict(zip(colnames, row)

with arcpy.da.SearchCursor(r"C:\Users\kaaper\Documents\DataDrivenPages\DataDrivenPages.gdb\Ordbok", '*') as sc:
    for row in rows_as_dicts(sc):
        print row['field']


Any input will be appreciated.