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Can not retrieve data to inbox

Question asked by erick.wiggs on Dec 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2018 by erick.wiggs

Hey everyone.


I have set up a Survey 123 in order to serve as the primary interface for grass cutting contractors here in the city. 

The kicker is, that I need the data to be edited from and back into a related table to the feature service (1 to Many). The relationship is also not set up with a Global ID, as I can not afford to have the GUID setup as a primary key on my Enterprise SDE.


The Set up: Service requests are created in a Feature Service and a related Task is created for Cutting the Grass. The Survey is to pull the data from the related table only (not using repeats), get updated/ edited, and then submit the updates back into the related table.


I have set the Survey to point directly at the related table. I have set up the bind:esri:parameters as suggested in this post: Repeat questions in 'Inbox' not showing from the very bottom. 


The Survey publishes fine, but when I attempt to bring in the Inbox it just spins forever. It should only be returning 5 sample datasets, so this should be pretty quick right?


I've attached the set up to this post.