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Integrate my web app into Portal

Question asked by Sara_EL_MALKI on Oct 23, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by dlaw-esristaff

Hi guys,


I was working for several months on a web app using ArcGIS for server and ArcGIS API for JavaScript and it sounds that my organization will purchase a new version of ArcGIS that comes with Portal,


My question is, is there a way to integrate the code of my app into Portal using the web app builder by adding customized widgets ? because as I know the WAB is working with ArcGIS API for JavaScript, isn't it ?

Is there an article where I can learn how to create new customized widgets with the ArcGIS API in Portal that I can convert my normal code into WAB way of writing code?


thanks in advance for your help,


Portal for ArcGIS ArcGIS API for JavaScript ArcGIS Enterprise

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