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Split a block in different separate shapes

Question asked by Abele_Giandoso on Oct 22, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by CLau-esristaff


I am trying to precisely control the subdivision of the inside area of a block generated with "offset subdivision" ,the one that responds to the InnerLot start rule. 

Specifically I want to create big areas for parks and squares (around 5%) and for the rest instead have very small lots for tiny houses. The base parameters in the "offset subdivision"  don't give me the control I need as they tend to even out everything so I thought about using a recursive splitArea operation to split the inner portion myself with greater control.

5% of the lots will stop subdividing when they reach a "ParkMinArea" and the rest will continue to split until they reach a "HouseMinArea". It works but there is a major problem I ca not resolve:

All the Lots I create are still connected to the original main shape and that means that attributes and constants are giving the same results for all the buildings created on the inside area from that same original inner space instade of variate per building as I hoped they would have. That causes all of them to have the same aspect instead of being able to have each one his own "personality". 

I tried to set the seedian to a random number 

RSeed = rint (rand(1,10000))

set (seedian, RSeed)

for each of the final base shapes but it does not work.

Isn't this what setting the seedian is supposed to do?

If someone does know what I am doing wrong or can give me a hand I'll be very grateful

Many Thanks


PS: My alternative plan is to assign a "Park" label to a random final small shape (one every 100) and use a mindistance contextquary inter operation to NIL all the faces in a certain radius from the labeled shape to generate the empty space I need. But it is a heavy calculation so I would prefer avoiding it if possible.