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Make Query Layer with Append tool Model Builder - Not Working

Question asked by ModernGIS on Oct 12, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2017 by Hornbydd


     I am currently working on building a model using ArcGIS ModelBuilder that will use the Make Query Layer tool with the Append tool. My intention is to have the results from a SQL Query export/append into a new GDB Table. Currently, I am doing this manually, but want to have a one-click model that will do it for me and eventually export the model out to a Python script that can be used outside of ArcGIS. I have have multiple Query Layers built outside of ModelBuilder, but want to combine all of the individual task(s) into one model. The problem is, when I run the model, it stops at the append tool saying the input is invalid and doesn't exist. I am sure someone has tried this and ran into this problem before and wondering if someone could give me some hints or ideas on how to make this work.

Thank You