Make Query Layer with Append tool Model Builder - Not Working

10-12-2017 11:23 AM
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     I am currently working on building a model using ArcGIS ModelBuilder that will use the Make Query Layer tool with the Append tool. My intention is to have the results from a SQL Query export/append into a new GDB Table. Currently, I am doing this manually, but want to have a one-click model that will do it for me and eventually export the model out to a Python script that can be used outside of ArcGIS. I have have multiple Query Layers built outside of ModelBuilder, but want to combine all of the individual task(s) into one model. The problem is, when I run the model, it stops at the append tool saying the input is invalid and doesn't exist. I am sure someone has tried this and ran into this problem before and wondering if someone could give me some hints or ideas on how to make this work.

Thank You

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Make Query Layer is not a tool I have used but reading the first line of the Usage section in the help file it states the tool works only with Enterprise databases. I'm wondering if the Append tool is failing because your inputs are coming in as virtual layers?

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