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developing soi/soe with oracle,the driver of oracle is not loading

Question asked by on Sep 21, 2017
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   this is my first time giving a question in the Community.I hope someone can answer my question.

   today,I got a problem about the oracle.when i run it in a class alone,it goes well.However,when i add it into the project and export  as SOI/SOE,the soi/soe run in the server and gives me a exception "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver".I have configured the library path to the same as ArcObject library.but it cannot be found as before

   the sample is official case and it goes well. i just add a function to debug the connection to the oracle.the function works well but one exception is catched.


   so i am confused and did someone got the same problem?