Development of Human Services App

10-07-2019 08:36 PM
New Contributor

Hi all! I am seeking advice on the development of a human services app that would allow users to locate service providers nearest to their home based on the category/issue (food, clothing, housing, etc.) they are experiencing. Ideally, the app would provide information about the provider and directions to get to the provider (both by vehicle and public transportation). I have developed something like this as a web-app for food pantries using the Near Me widget and only using driving directions. I am now being asked to take this idea further with an app that can be downloaded from an app store. I am not familiar with this process and am looking for any advice on how to begin. I am assuming I will need to utilize ArcGIS for Developers and AppBuilder for ArcGIS to do so. I will be reviewing the tutorials on as a starting point. Any additional advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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